I've made guides to help people to (start) homebrew on their DS. The different guides are:
Please bare in mind that these guides are not always up to date, and that the best way for you to get the most recent information is via the "product"s own website. Non the less I hope you find my guides helpful.
Details of the guides:

The Beginners Guide To DS Homebrew: My Beginners guide to DS homebrewing, since I know how hard it is to enter the scene and get orientated. Please remember that it is always being updated, and the (cc) also applies here.

WMB/WiFiMe howto with rt2570/rt2500usb/rt2500 for Windows/no OS-install needed & OpenSuse: Howto about using your rt2570 (f.e. Nintendo USB stick) to NiFi your DS, under Windows or without having to install any OS using Knoppix or with OpenSuse 10.1.

HowTo FlashMe: A guide about how to flash your DS (non lite), made by tc1415, edited by me. Thanks tc!

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