M3DS real review! Special thanks to the M3team 9th of March 2008 (minor edit 16th)


The Review

The M3DS real boxing; left the front, middle is the bottom showing a content list and righ is the back showing the feature list.

The M3DS real. As you can see the main Actel chip sticks out slightly on the front of the cart underneath the sticker.
The unit is mainly held together by clips on the side similar to those of the G6DS real.
On the back however you can see a micro-SD orientation image which naturally the G6DS real didn't have ;).

The exterior of both the GBA/RAM pack and rumble pack are the same, nice finish closely matching my DSL.
The glossy of the case however isn't due to a layer of paint but is incorporated in the plastic.

A bit more showing the matching color. Also these images show the packs (the packs inserted in the images aren't the same)
neatly fitting the DS lite only slightly sticking out at the top end.


Package content; M3DS real, GBA/RAM and rumble packs, TF-reader (haven't had any problems, but it looks the same as
the R4/M3DS simply one) and not shown but included a driver CD (and possibly example CD with dpg and mp3 files).
As you can see the M3DS real comes with a microSD card + DS cart container for easy travel (nice touch, with SDHC support ;)).

Overall rating for the M3DS realslot-1 media (adapter) unit
Discription M3DS real
(out of 10)
Boxart, manual and product appeal
Hardware design, durability and features
Overall Homebrew and NDS game
(if applies) compatibility score
Product future
What this products future looks like
(Built in) extra features of the NDS media (adapter) card
  • microSD (SDHC)
  • Boot slot-2
  • Cheat
  • GBM/S playback
  • U-Disc funtion
  • "BootIcon Yes/No"
  • more, see list ^

  • PCB shots

    compressed back | compressed front

    I hope you will all enjoy my review and find it useful.

    -Simon van de Berg

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