G6DS real and SuperCard DS one (v2) review / comparison, special thanks go to The G6 team and KickGaming.com! 21st of June 2006


G6DS real SuperCard DS One (v2)
+100% clean dump supported
+100% Game compatibility
+Extreme simple to use: just drag and drop files to the G6 Cart . No drivers & any software required .
+Work as U disk with USB 2.0 ultra fast burning speed .Standard FAT system support .
+Build-in high speed memory. (Run game without lag or slow down. Speed of all the games as same as original.)
+Robust & skinnable GUI .

+The strongest media features: Build-in �Media+Extend� application
+�Moonshell � media player. MP3 ,OGG music & DPG /DSM / GBM movies)
+Super E-book function , support Word/ Txt file directly
+Super picture viewer function , support *.BMP��*.JPG��*.GIF��*.PNG directly
+NDS-GBA Linkage works fine
+Can act as passthrough
+Supports Slot-2 expansions card. (Rumble,� Ram , Browser memory)
+Original DS cartridge size.
+Exclusive Super Cheat Function:
    +Fully AR Cheat Code compatible engine
    +A Ready-Made Cheat Code database file is available for download (English, Chinese, Japanese)
    +Support reading individual cheat code file too.� (xml, cht, dht)
+Special Game features can be enabled during game playing: (shuch as SlowMotion mode�)
+Software reset function
+Hardware automatically game save type detect . (No need to update the save type database file frequently.)
+Excellent homebrew support thanks to the DLDI auto+patcher. (release it on June 07 )
+Upgradeable system. No size limitation� of Flash rom
+Includes a fully touch screen & button control operating system /GUI Menu
+Built in PDA (Worldwide Time ,Memo , Note ,Phone book ,Calculator ..)
+The highest download play compatibility. (Mario Kart, New super Mario etc...)
+Brightness adjustment within GUI.
+Boot Slot-1 automatically. Users may also select to appear Console Main Menu first or begin G6 Main Menu directly (Convenience for download play.
+Hardware automatically game save type detect . (No need to update the save type database file frequently.)

+100% Clean Rom Support
+100% game compatibility
+No PC software required, just Drag 'n Drop files from your PC to your MicroSD flash memory card.
+Support FAT/FAT32 up to 4GB flash memory cards. Flash memory cards can also be used in other digital products.
+Support High speed flash memory cards without any slow down.
+Blue-Light engine included.
+Micro firmware designed, and extended skin which is fully upgradeable.
+MoonShell built_in design. Can play MP3's, Ogg and DPG2 directly in SuperCard DS system. Compatible with DPG0/DPG1. It also supports eBook and Picture Viewers. It's a real multimedia system.

+Inter-play with GBA slot.
+Can be used as a SuperKey.
+Support SC Rumble Series as a rumble PAK (and normal Ram & rumble).
+Original DS cartridge size, the perfect solution for slot 1.
+Cheat & extra functions:
    +Cheat system (compatible with AR cheats)
    +Cheat file per game
    +In game Cheat menu and hotkeys
    +In game "Game Guide"
+THREE mode designed
    +Clear ROM mode: (100% Clean Rom Support. Just Drag 'n Drop file from PC to flash memory card.)
    +Patch Mode: (RESET, Realtime Cheat Code, Realtime Game Guide, save to flash card directly without any save lost. Just Drag 'n Drop file from PC to flash memory card.)
    +Super Mode: (Need extra software, ROM needs to be converted by PC. This Mode is designed for future functions. Such as if there is a game save more than 4M.)

+TFlash/MicroSD slot Push'n Push design, easy to use.
+Hardware save support (set in database).

The Review/Comparison


Pro's and con's of both adapters G6DS real and SuperCard DS one
G6DS real SuperCard DS one
Pro's Con's Pro's Con's
GBM/GBS playback in Moonshell Shell clips are in the way when inserting Moonshell intergrated in main menu High amount of hotkeys
Autodetecting save size Missing connector guides DLDI patch file released Not autodetecting save size
Ease of use Unable to start homebrew from NDS menu High build quality Relativly hard to learn menu system
Cheat files selectable (&database) No DLDI file available, nor is there autopatching In-game cheat menu Separate cheat files for all games (non-selectable)
Internal memory Internal memory MicroSD slot (springloaded) MicroSD slot (springloaded)

Overall rating for the G6DS real and SuperCard DS one slot-1 media (adapter) units
Discription G6DS
(out of 10)
(out of 10)
Boxart, manual and product appeal
8 9+
Hardware design, durability and features
7+ 8+
Overall Homebrew and NDS game
(if applies) compatibility score
9- 9
Product future
What this products future looks like
stable stable
(Built in) extra features of the NDS media (adapter) card
  • Boot slot-2
  • Cheat
  • GBM/S playback
  • U-Disc funtion
  • "BootIcon Yes/No"
  • Boot slot-2
  • (in-game) cheat
  • in-game gameguide
  • load to SC-slot2 RAM

  • I hope you will all enjoy my review and find it useful.

    -Simon van de Berg

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