FlashMe using NoPass - by tc1415


You are performing this action at your own risk; I and no one else will be held responsible if you brick your DS because of this! You have been warned!

Part1: What you'll need before proceeding:

Part2: What to use to short SL1

picture to the right: Simon used this screw with sawed of sides

Part3: Pre Flash preparations

Part4: Flashing the DS


This guide has been made by tc1415 and edited by Simon van de Berg

Important quote from Loopy, creator of FlashMe:

"Numbers are displayed on the bottom right corner of the screen during flashing , did you happen to notice what they were? If it stopped at 100 and you turned it off, you're screwed. Basically that means it only managed to flash the very first block when you lost connection.

Extremely rare, but I suppose it could happen. If it did make it past 100, restoreFW SHOULD be able to fix it. Hold A+B+select+start, THEN turn on your DS (with restoreFW cart plugged in). Hopefully that fixes it for you.

Folks, if you slip up and lose the SL1 connection, DON'T freak out and turn off your DS. The flasher program will keep trying until it's done, so just make the connection again and everything will be fine.