DSlink review, special thanks go to DS-link.net


The review

Conclusion: The DSlink is a very nice product that I can safely recommend. Even though Flashing your DS may be somewhat risky. Compatibility is already very high, both homebrew and backups. Build quality and boxart is good. The use of the device is also very straightforward and for those who are interested in skinning, the menu is quite easy to change. If you do not have any Nintendo DS homebrew/backup equipment yet, or if you do and want a DS slot solution :), this might be the device for you. The two downsides I could find were that there is no scroll bar in the menu on the DS and that the is no fat_lib patcher (but maybe there will be a new fat_lib soon that supports DSlink).

I hope you all enjoyed my review and found it useful.

-Simon van de Berg

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